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About Careers for Inclusion

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80 Bradford Street, Unit 239, Barrie, ON L4N 6S7

  • We believe in an integrated or inclusive approach to job placement
  • We match individuals work abilities with specific job demands
  • We help identify needs and barriers and provide assistance and support 
  • We are able to communicate and relate to persons from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • We respect confidentiality of information under the guidelines of ethical codes, laws and regulations
  • We promote equitable access to services by ensuring program is delivered in a way to meet the needs of participants learning styles and literacy levels
  • We promote and monitor safe work practices
  • We develop and maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust and support by ensuring clients rights are respected and that confidentiality is maintained
  • We demonstrate sensitivity
  • We act as a resource to employers, supervisors, co-workers as needed to aid in job performance and success!


People with disabilities are ABLE to work!

Our clients feel secure about working with Careers for Inclusion because we offer specialized one on one service, we believe maintaining a personal connection is necessary as  job searching can be a roller-coaster of emotions.

A true measure of the quality of an employment outcome is not only the job status but also the retaining of that job.

Many employment programs evaluate quality based on wages and number of hours worked.  A quality program places a high priority on empowering individuals to make choices regarding their career paths and the potential jobs they seek.

A quality program includes community participation, believing in an integrated and inclusive approach to service delivery.

Demonstrating sensitivity and the ability to establish a rapport with individuals, employers and community partners benefits and educates all.

A key to job success is the provision of necessary supports that assist individuals to not only obtain competitive employment but to also maintain that job!  The core characteristic that differentiates an excellent program from the others is the provision of ongoing supports in all areas, once that client is employed.