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We’d love to connect you with individuals eager to develop
their skills and obtain employment.

Benefits of Recruiting through
Careers for Inclusion Inc.

There are a number of incredible benefits that recruiting with us can bring your business.

  • No Fee to You as
    an Employer
    Finding and keeping good workers
    are the keys to a company's success
    and working with Careers for
    Inclusion Inc. is FREE!
  • Untapped
    Labour Pool
    Often people with disabilities are
    overlooked by employers, when
    coincidentally they're the largest
    group of people looking for jobs in
    today's market.
  • Reduce Labour
    & Recruiting Costs
    Companies report that employees
    with disabilities have better retention
    rates, therefore reducing the high
    cost of turnover (Unger, 2002).
  • Develop an Equal
    Hiring people with disabilities increases
    workforce diversity, organizational
    profile and company morale. It just
    makes good business sense.
  • Employees' Abilities
    Matched to Job
    We want success as much as you!
  • Job Monitoring
    and Support
    On-going support to both employee
    and employer assists with successful
    job retention.

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