Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of the more common questions we get about our services,
employment opportunities, and more.

What is ODSP Employment Supports?

ODSP Employment Supports helps people with disabilities and barriers to:

  • Find a job that is a match for your skills
  • Advance to another job if under employed
  • Overcome a disability-related job crisis to maintain employment
  • Retain long-term employment

Are you able to assist me in my community?

Yes, Careers for Inclusion provides services throughout Simcoe County and can meet with you in your community!

During these challenging times, due to Covid 19, Careers for Inclusion can also meet with you by phone.

Are you able to provide Employment Support Services in French?

Careers for Inclusion can help you to connect to a Service Provider that can provide Employment Support Services in French. Please call us at (705) 721-9614 for more information.

Êtes-vous en mesure d'offrir des services de soutien à l'emploi en français?

Careers for Inclusion peut vous aider à vous connecter à un fournisseur de services qui peut fournir des services de soutien à l'emploi en français. Veuillez nous appeler au (705) 721-9614 pour plus d'informations.

Are there many employers willing to hire people with disabilities in this area?

Over 100 employers have provided competitive employment or work experience placement opportunities to people with disabilities in Simcoe County. Most have resulted in long term employment for our clients and employment opportunities for new clients. We partner with our Employers to provide the best possible support to long term job success.

How successful is Careers for Inclusion at finding work for their clients?

Careers for Inclusion guides, teaches and supports individuals through the steps of job development, job searching in a partnered effort between the client and career development consultant. Participant motivation and hard work are the determining factors in job success. Your success is our success.

Who qualifies for support?

  • An individual who receives Ontario Disability Income Support
  • An individual who has a disability or substantial barrier to employment, has no current income and meets the criteria for entry, (as determined by Ontario Disability Support Program)

Who doesn't qualify?

  • Persons receiving assistance from Ontario Works do not qualify

Still have questions? Call us at (705) 721-9614 for assistance.