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For Parents

Dear Peggy and Gina;

Thank you for the testimony and support you provided to Aaron at his recent ODSP hearing.

We very much appreciate the extensive help you have provided to Aaron over the past two years, particularly in assisting him to become comfortable in seeking and maintaining employment and building his self-esteem. 
He has become very trusting in your support and advice.

Aaron became involved with Careers for Inclusion through the Ontario Disability Employment Supports Program. This led to Peggy helping him with his resume, presentation and interview skills.

Aaron previously had much success in obtaining employment but failed to maintain the position with most jobs lasting only a short duration. With the assistance of both Peggy and Gina to find a suitable job and in working directly with his supervisor/manager, Aaron is now approaching one year of continuous employment. Aaron has recently progressed to another level at his job with the support of his manager and Careers for Inclusion. When issues arose, Careers for Inclusion was able to diffuse what may otherwise have led to dismissal due to lack of understanding of the disability that Aaron has, including interpersonal skills and grasping workplace concepts and dynamics.

In order to assess Aaron’s workplace skills, Peggy arranged a placement at a sign company to obtain employer feedback and assist Aaron in improving upon the necessary skills to maintain employment. Although the position was temporary, it proved a valuable experience in providing information about Aaron’s work habits and interactions that we, as parents or the councellors, would not have known. The expertise of Careers for Inclusion staff was evident by building on this knowledge.

Aaron has found Peggy and Gina, as his councellors and advocates at Careers for Inclusion, to be a significant support as he can call anytime he has a problem. He has grown to trust their advice, which makes him feel better about his concerns and improve his outlook and self-esteem.

We are writing this letter as we are very appreciative of the services provided by Careers for Inclusion. We are particularly impressed by the one on one support provided through telephone, e-mail and direct contact. Continuous contact with the employer has provided sufficient support to allow Aaron to maintain employment. The records maintained of all aspects of interactions with Careers for Inclusion and his employers were very beneficial in the testimony provided by both Peggy and Gina at an ODSP hearing.  The details of the documents were quoted by the Hearing Officer in rendering a decision.

Your dependable, steady and comforting influence is highly recommended to individuals and their parents requiring personal guidance to maintain employment and gain life skills in a supportive environment.

Thank you


Aaron, Henk and Lucille Blom